Wedding Photography


brisbane-northside-wedding1So your now engaged to your partner and are planning the fine details of your wedding. Most people are aware that you need a photographer to capture the day but don’t really know what to look for. As the Wedding album is an important book to show your Family and Relatives having good quality photos is desirable.

Before organising your Professional Photographer you will want to have all your planning sorted out. Location is so important for photos to turn out well as there are many factors that contribute to your end result.

Is your wedding indoors our outdoors? this is a common question that most professionals will ask as they will need to prepare equipment for the different lighting scenarios. If you do choose to have your ceremony outdoors you will have to accept the weather may interfere and limit your Photo taking opportunities.

Indoor lighting can be controlled and easily manipulated but doesn’t always allow for the most interesting situations. Utilizing props or even using family members to create the scenario can be effective.

Be Creative!

Professional Wedding Photographers will use many different lenses and tricks to enhance the environment at your wedding. If the Photographer  you’ve chosen is experienced it is best to use there intuition and creativeness instead of barking instructions of photos you want. This add a stressfull situation and prevents the best photos from being taken.

Finally your photographer will edit and enhance the photos of your Marriage to edit out and imperfections through industry standard programs such as Adobe Elements. Editing and production is one of the most important procedures of making your special day look the best. Choose the Photographer that is best suited to the style your after and be prepared to spend good money for a great Artist.

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